Cosmeceutical Packaging

Designed for Cosmeceuticals

Desigend as pen shape, offers professional sence & real pleasure when applying cosmetics



  • Plastic TE cap is designed out of safety and easy filling. ''Coffret'' design with 7 ampoules is available

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VIALS Duo Care System

  • EASY VIALS offers a smart solution for duo care formulas
  • PRIMARY VIAIS'S high efficiency air-tightness is perfect for precious luophilized formulas 
  • EXTREME VIALS's user-friendly end-botton design enables a fix dosage control

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  • A smart user-friendly design : the dropper is automatically refilled once
  • A unique chamber is well located in the bottle, joint with a convenient dropper container.
  • Such user-friendly design is perfect for home-spa treatment.

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  • Designed as pen shape, offers professional sence & real pleasure when applying cosmetics.
  • Airless system offers great protection and prevents contamination.
  • Options of roll-on, soft touch tip or brush suit perfectly for skin local application purpose.

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SOFT BODY Packaging Line

  • Yonwoo, A leading cosmetic packaging manufacturerin Korea, devotes itself with its unique style and high quality packaging.
  • The NATURE CURVE series is in soft and round shape, with a sence of oriental zen style. Options among airless bottle, lotion bottle, and tube are available, perfect for a full range of products with unified style.

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AMPOULE Airless Line

  • Inspired from glass ampoule, while improving the protectivity by the Airless technology.
  • The stainless steal roll on and soft touch tip offers great users' experience for local application: eye contour, wrinkle or spot areas
  • Refill pack and "Coffret" design are available

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